Please answer the three questions below:

Communicating with Parents/Students is critical to your success in the classroom. In this class, you have learned three different ways of communication via the web. Please answer the following questions:
1. How could you use a Web Page (i.e., Google Sites) in your future teaching assignment?
2. How could you use a Blog in your future teaching assignment?
3. How could you use a Wiki in your future teaching assignment?

Think about this for a bit - when we are all done, we will have several ideas for ways to use Web Pages, Blogs, and Wikis in various classrooms! This is a great use for a wiki.
Be sure to save your post and verify that things are posted correctly. You should keep a copy of your post on your computer in case your post is accidentally deleted by another user.

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1) They are a great tool that is accessible any where. It would be good also for parent feed back. It's a great way to communicate with parents and students. You can also get feeback from anyone in the world.
2) I could students create one and it would be way easy for them to turn it in. They could also do it for a take home and think about stuff assignment or interview then post.

3) it would be about the same as a blog in the easyness and accessability. It would be different in that you could change it and edit it. Or you could tell students to find the flaws and fix them.

Eric Berntson

  1. Web pages can have a variety of uses in my classroom. They are a good resource for parents to keep up-to-date on assignments and class events. I could use a web page to relay important information to my class community or display student work.
  2. A blog is a fun way to share what is going on in the classroom. I could post information or have contributions from students. It is another convenient way to keep students and families involved with the classroom. Pictures posted of special activities or fieldtrips allow everyone to feel a part of the class. I could share special messages and funny experiences with family members.
  3. Wikis are a great way to teach students about technology and allow them to experience it firsthand. Not only can students learn from a wiki, but they can help contribute to one. This could be an enriching experience that would not only benefit each child, but also the class as a whole.
My third grade son is using this wiki in his classroom for a report on the African Savannah. It has a host of information and resources such as maps and pictures.
I enjoyed this wiki about technological skills a teacher might need. It also provided some good resources like YouTube videos, links, and examples.
I love visual arts. This was an informative wiki that also down topics into subcategories with even more pages to explore.

Whitney Fitzgerald
Wiki assignment:
  1. 1. In teaching a web page is very useful. I can use the web page to keep the class updated about homework assignments and class announcements. It is also a great tool for parents to stay updated on what is going on in their child’s classroom.
  2. 2. Blogs are a great teacher resource. In teaching I would use blogs to post important lessons or resources that I want to use in the future. I think reading other teacher blogs gives ideas on lessons or just classroom incite. As a teacher a blog is a great way to stay connected with other teachers, and to continue learning about other practices.
  3. 3. Wiki as a teacher is a little more complicated. Many schools do not like using wiki because it is an untrustworthy site. I am not sure if I would use wiki a whole ton in the classroom, but it would be a fun activity for the children to add information they learned to wiki.

Colene Michael

1.) I think that having a web page sort of like canvas would be an excellent tool for the students to have access to. Being able to check grades, see how they compare, see very easily what is going to be due and what to study for would be priceless. It would also be a welcomed way for the parents to better be involved in their child's education and get rid of any excuse from the child that they didn't' know the assignment was due or missing or that they had a test the next day. It would be an all around handy accountability system.

2.)A blog is an excellent way for students to interact both at school and at home in an educational setting exchanging ideas. It can hold a plethora of learning opportunities and create a great way to offer extensions and non core but still important Curriculum. It would also create a great way for students to express stories, feelings and ideas in a safe, monitored environment

3.)I think that wiki would be a great way to do peer editing on papers or literature assignments. Students would be able to easily access, change and give advice to other students to ultimately create learning and improvement for all parties involved.

Caleb Hunt

1. I will use a web page to help both students and their guardians keep track of progress. I will also use a web page to provide assignments for those who may miss them in classes. The web page will also help me communicate via the comment option.
2. A blog may be used in a similar manner to the website- to communicate expectations and progress to students and their parents. However, a blog may also be used to communicate teaching ideas with other teachers.
3. I would use a wiki more for a creative class project of some kind. There are probably tons of ways to do so!

April Stocks

  1. I definitely plan to use a web page for my class for a few different reasons. I plan to use it to not only communicate with my students but to also communicate with the parents/guardians of my classroom as well. I will post announcements on my web page (such as assignments and important upcoming things) so that my students and families of the students can go on the web page and see what important things they need to know about what is going on in class.
  2. I plan to use a blog in my future classroom for a fun project for the kids in my classroom. I will let the students post some of their work on the blog to display for their families so that they can look at it to see what the children are working on in class. I think it will be fun for the students to learn how to post projects/assignments on a blog. Technology rules the world now and this is another way to teach children how to use it.
  3. I could use a wiki in my future classroom to teach the children about the different subjects that we are learning in class. Because you can edit a wiki, I can change it whenever I need to. I can also have the children contribute to a wiki as a tool for their education. In my English 2020 class we created group wikis in order to show our professor what we have learned about a subject that we were working on and researching. I can also do this for my class. For instance: I could put the students in groups and have them each research something and create a wiki as a group. Then the students can look at each other’s wikis and learn about the other things.

Brandi Sitterud
1. How could you use a Web Page (i.e., Google Sites) in your future teaching assignment?
I could use a web page to help students, parents and other teachers stay connected. I could post the assignments we do each week, homework that is assigned, important announcements each week. I think it would be helpful to help everyone stay on task and to make sure the parents know what is going on in my class.

2. How could you use a Blog in your future teaching assignment?
I think having a blog as a teacher would be helpful because connecting with other teachers on blogs helps all educators be able to work together. They can share their experiences and give advice. I think it is also a good way for parents to get to know their child’s teacher.

3. How could you use a Wiki in your future teaching assignment?

I think along with a blog or website a wiki can be used to work collaboratively with other teachers, students or parents. It can be used to share information, ask commonly asked questions.

Jared Bringhurst
1. I could use a Web Page like Google sites to communicate with my students about recent syllabus changes. It would help me to keep in contact with the students parents. Also I think most importantly at least for me I can use it to post help for homework and to actually keep track of assignments and quizzes.
2. I think Blogs would be even more useful for updating parents about what is happening in the classroom. I would also use it to share teaching ideas that I have on things like Chemistry labs.
3. A Wiki is really useful if I want feedback from the students and from the parents. Especially the parents. Seeing as students most of the time don't care that much. Parents may like a place where they can as questions or express concern.

Mickaila Rigby
1. I could use a web page in my future classroom to communicate with parents. I would post a class newsletter on there so parents could stay up to date with the activities in the classroom. I could also upload pdf files of homework in case a child loses theirs. I could post pictures of projects and activities for parents and students to look at. I could share resources to helpful sites for my students. I could also have a place where the parents could electronically submit their child's reading log.
2. I could use a blog to keep parents updated on the events of the classroom. I could have a running calendar on there with due dates and upcoming activities.
3. For projects and group work, I could use a Wiki to encourage collaboration among my students even while they are at home. Using a Wiki would also allow them to look back at their conversations throughout the project.

Zachary Jurjevich-Volin
1. I could post assignments and extra readings to my website, where students can gain easy access to the material. This will make it easier for students to work from home. I can also post the homework assignments on the website. This could also include a detailed calendar of assignments that will be due.
2. I could use a blog to help students gain access to extra reading materials that can help them have a better understanding of the lesson at hand.
3. This platform can allow students to have discussions with each other about specific lessons. Also, students can collaborate by taking different parts of an assignment (specific questions, terms, etc.) and work together to create one large form for each other. This could also be utilized for creating a study guide for upcoming exams.

Wiki Links:

This Wiki is a course about Psychology and Neuroscience

This Wiki is for Harvard students to use;jsessionid=76598F21C7C256289F9B34C7E8DF8BBD

Mason Cardon
1. Web pages can be used to keep students up I date and in the loop with all assignments and announcements. It's a great place to have the course syllabus for easy reference.
2. Blogs could be used in similar ways to a webpage. It could be used more as a way to share thoughts on your ow teaching experiences and ideas than as a student resource.
3. Wikis are a good way for classes to make group projects (like the one we are doing now). It's a fun way to share information and can be continually updated and shared by students.

Stephanie Bernard

1. How could you use a Web Page (i.e., Google Sites) in your future teaching assignments?
I think that a web page can benefit both the teacher and student. Teacher's would be able to set up resources, important links, assignments, directions, rules, etc.. for parents and students. Then students and parents could check for assignment information, links to the topic being covered and more. A web page is a great communication tool.
2. How could you use a Blog in your future teaching assignment?
As a teacher I could use a blog to publish assignments to keep parents and students up to date. A blog can give more details or outline a assignment. I think a web page and blog, go hand in hand and be useful for both the teacher and the student.
3. How could you use a Wiki in your future teaching assignment?
I had to do a little research because I wasn't sure what "Wiki" was or what it was used for. I did learn that it is a website that lets a community of people share information connects teachers, parents, students and more.

Wiki links:

This is a website that can be used as a social writing platform in a classroom management tool by keeping teacher and students organized and on task.

This website offers teachers lots of options that can encourage student-centered learning. Students can build web sites or web pages that can be shared with other students.

Janessa Mackay

1. I feel as though any of the services provided by Google are a great way to keep students and parents in the loop. Our generation is full of technology, and instead of having students take notes home to parents, it might be a good io give access to the parents. It is a good idea and a good way to have parents know what is going on in our assignment.
2. I think that a class blog is a good way for teachers to be able to show parents what is going on in the classroom. It is a site that doesn't have to be as informational, but full of fun things that the class has done. It is a good way to keep a daily log of activities and projects that the children have completed.
3.I am not as familiar with wikis so I don't know how useful they would be in my classroom. But, it could be useful to students to do collaborative assignments.

This Wiki is full of different educational sites and resources that show the importance of technology in the classroom.

This Wiki provides information and a walkthrough of how to use a wiki successfully.

Hailee Arema Andersen

1. A website, such as Google Sites, would be a great way to keep parents informed and to update them on what is happening in the class. As a teacher being able to quickly and effectively communicate with parents is key. A website is also a good place to post the lesson plans for preschool and kindergarten teachers.
2. A blog is a great place to record experiences and beliefs that help parents and families get to know me as a teacher. It also helps shed light on the environment in the classroom.
3. A wiki seems like a great place to not only share info, but to receive insight back. It would be a great discussion board.

Grace Holloway

1. A web page is a great way for parents to keep up on what is going in in class. It is also a place to put important links to websites that students will need; pdf's of assignments, readings, and videos. One might post answers to frequently asked questions that parents might have. A web page is a great communication tool.

2. A blog could be used similarly to a web page. I might use a blog to post pictures of activities we have done and field trips we have gone on. I might talk more specifically about lesson plans and test scores and plans to encourage student improvement.

3. I think a Wiki page would become more of a discussion board between parents, students and I. It could also be used for class projects in which the students are expected to collaborate.

This wiki discusses how to more effectively use technology in the classroom.

This wiki has a list of sites that are full of ideas on how to use wiki's in education.

Garett Crowther - 11/4/15
1. How could you use a Web Page (i.e., Google Sites) in your future teaching assignment?
- I could use a website with similar capabilities to Canvas. It can be used to submit assignments, listen to music, watch class videos, do make up work for absences, practice reading, etc. It can also be used to inform parents about me and about what's going on in the classroom.

2. How could you use a Blog in your future teaching assignment?
- Blogs can similarly be used for links, homework information and links, and further instruction. I can post a question or problem and have the students post comments about it, somewhat having a discussion as if on Canvas.

3. How could you use a Wiki in your future teaching assignment?
- Wikis may be used for projects where the students collaborate. If everybody does a research project, they can get links and ideas from other students and share what they have online.

Wiki Links: This is an English and foreign language wiki, where students share their projects and use each other's resources. This is a Canadian classroom wiki where the teacher puts brain research and the students post their projects.

Megan Mott

1. I think I could use a web page as a professional way to give parents and families information on what is taking place in our classroom. I would use a web page as an information source for parents. I would tell parents about what we are doing and possibly even post pictures or links to other sources that I think would be of value to parents and students.

2. I think that a blog is a lightly less formal way to communicate with parents regarding what is taking place in our classroom. I guess I think a blog is more 'fun' so I might use it to post more pictures and activities that we do. I might not post as much critical information on a blog as I might post on a website. I would probably use the blog to display student work whether that is posting pictures of art projects or uploading simple assignments that the students have done.

3. I think I would use a Wiki to communicate with the parents and students that I am working with each year. My wiki may take the form of a discussion board or a place where parents can communicate with me and with each other. I might use it as a place where students can work on projects together or where parents can collaborate to assist there students. I just want the online presence of my classroom to be as beneficial to my students and their parents as possible.

The following Wiki is one that is used globally to encourage reading and literacy and to make it fun.

The following Wiki is one that is used in an 8th grade history class for monitoring note taking and for collaborative learning.

Carol Ann Barton
1. I love the idea of having a Google sites or Web page to stay connected with students, parents, and fellow teachers. I can make sure that assignments and directions are readily available and keep up to date on the community or school goings on.
2. I think that a blog is a good way to share a bit of myself with my students and their families. A blog feels less formal and more up to date on personal matters than a web page. I will use a blog to connect with my students in a more personal manner, like sharing favorite science experiments that we don't have time to do in class.
3.A wiki would be great to use for class projects and collaborations. Giving my students the opportunity to contribute to a project like this is a very good way to help them take ownership in their future and understand some of the methods that are used to do so.
Wiki links... This Wiki is from a grade 1/2 classroom where students wanted to see what 1000 names look like. This wiki is the collaborative page for a Social studies class and includes everything form daily journaling to large class projects and is very well organized!

Meghann Nixon
1. I like the idea of a web page as a place to record general class information. I think it would be helpful for students who are absent or for those who need a reminder on the day's activities. Also, I think it is a helpful tool for students to be able to have a reference place. I could post PowerPoints I used in class or post links to other cool websites that would be useful for students. It would also be a good resource for parents to keep track of the assignment students were working on and help them if needed.
2. I like the idea of using a blog to post assignments students have finished. I think it would be a good way to showcase pieces of art that successfully fulfilled the objectives of the assignment both to the public and to their peers. And with a website, it would help include parents in their student's work.
3. I could use a Wiki in my future classroom to help with collaborative assignments. It would be a good place for students to communicate with each other easily outside of class as anyone can access and edit the page. They could upload sketches and then give feedback on other people's and receive feedback on their own sketches and art pieces.
Jenny Croshaw
1. I would use Google Sites as an extension to my classroom. I think it's super beneficial to post assignments or student of the month or links to different ways to study on Google Sites. I think with Google Sites it's just another way to keep the students informed and parents as well.
2. I would use Blog in my classroom to update parents on what we've done in the classroom. I could use it to post interesting things we have discussed or done in the classroom as a timeline over the year. I think that Blog and Google Sites are very similar to each other but I would use them very differently. I love reading Blogs online and learning new things about what to use in my classroom but I think that Blogs are more for informing other teachers about things used in the classroom than to incorporate into the classroom. I will probably use Google Sites as a classroom extension but not Blog. However, they are very beneficial to use they just to me are beneficial for different ages to use.
3. I would use Wiki for class discussions I think in my classroom. I think it would be very beneficial to use it this way because I can have my classroom learn about how to write collaboratively and to discuss things that we covered in class and such. I think it would really help introduce new ways to use technology and ways in which to monitor as the teacher what the students are coming away from in class lessons.

This wiki link is a 7th grade math class. It has all the assignments and lessons on there for her class to use.

This wiki page is about a history class. She has posted assignment due dates, project dates and what they had gone over that day.

Tristin Stewart
1. Google Sites seems a little more professional compared to a blog. I like that with Google Sites you can create sub pages underneath another page. It just seems like a great way to organize different topics and resources for parents to look at. If I were to use Google Sites and give access to parents and students I would probably have links to webpages for how to help students study, reading ideas, activities they can do as a family, etc.
2. I think a blog seems more informal than Google Sites. I would use it to document/journal what we did in class that week or list upcoming activities. I like that it's similar to Google Sites in that you can add additional links to other sites too. They both seem very similar. I guess it's just a preference of the person using it. Both a Web Page and Blog are great ways for the parents to stay up to date on what takes place in the classroom. My daughter's teachers have used it and it has been really nice. Especially when children don't share all the information they're supposed to.
3. From what I have read, Wikis are a great way to have students use technology for learning. One awesome ideas was to create a fan page Wiki. There could be different pages of hero's or people they admire and they can post quotes or stories about the famous people. It would awesome to do with historical figures and teaching history. Another idea I read about was just allowing the students to post thoughts and comments. The teacher would have to monitor to make sure comments are appropriate but it also allows the teacher to be the editor and see how the students are doing with their writing skills.

Chad Reese
1. While there are similarities between Google Sites, Blogs and Wikis, I see the potential of Google sites to be an extension of the classroom itself. The site can include pages dedicated to each of the subjects covered in class (e.g. Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, etc.). The pages dedicated to each subject can include additional activities, notes, resources, and links to resources that apply directly to what is being taught in class. Students could further explore topics at home, and have information on assignments readily available (in case they forget what was covered in class, or need further clarification).
2. If sites are the extension of the classroom, then Blogs are like the class newsletter. Teachers can use them as a resource for parents and students to post updates on what is happening in class, reminders on upcoming events, and articles expounding on topics covered in class, and educational philosophy. I think that blogs would be the perfect location to post the class newsletter itself. When my children bring home paper copies, they sometimes get lost before I see them. Having a digital edition would make them easy to find, hard to lose, and save paper.
3. Wikis are excellent for collaboration between students and teachers. Because of the ease of use, they could be ideal for extensions of classroom discussions. A teacher could share a discussion prompt in class, have a brief classroom discussion, and then ask the students to further elaborate on the topic in the classroom wiki. It could also be a good location for a group report. Classroom groups could be given an assignment to research different topics and then students could prepare the report together on the classroom wiki (which would allow each to contribute as they found new things to add).

Jaime Anderson
  1. I would use a web page made on Google Sites as my classroom website. I think that Google Sites was easy to use, easy to organize, and a good way to inform parents about what is going on in the classroom. One of my favorite things about it was the option to sync the calendar with your devices. I think this would be a great way to keep parents informed. I also think that it was an awesome way for parents to be able to look up information when they are at home. My kids always forget to give me the notes they get at school. It would be nice to be able to log on and get information from a website.
  2. I think that blogs are a really good way to document activities that have happened in the classroom. I think it would be fun to post pictures of the things that are happening in the classroom for parents to see. I think blogs and websites are similar, but I personally like webpages better because blogs seem harder to organize because they are in chronological order. You might have to go back a few pages to find the post you are looking for. For that reason, I think that blogs are better for photos and articles.
  3. Wikis are a good way for students to collaborate and discuss things outside of the classroom. In my future classroom, I would use them for group work and having students contribute to discussions when they are at home.

Ricky Coles:

1. Web pages are a great way for students to have access to videos, assignments and tutoring sessions online for them to do at home. Also, it is a professional way to relay information after class for students. I know it would be very beneficial for the students to have a web page that they could go and receive help from if the teacher does not explain something very well. I could post assignments on the web page and have them submitted electronically so I can reduce the amount of paper given out during class. It would be an awesome tool for parents to help out their children if they need to learn the information on their own time.

2. I feel like a blog is less useful than a web page. A web page can have a ton of information and links that can be easily to follow. I see a blog as more of a informational website than a educational website. I would have students actually make their own blog and write something that they learn. I feel like it is easier for students to make a blog than a web page. A blog could also be used if we have a real world example I could relay the information through a blog. This would be easy for students to go and read this web address than searching through all of the information.

3. A wiki is a mixture of both a web page and a blog. It is easy to make and relay information in a way students can follow. The only downside to specific wiki's is the ability to delete the information that anyone posts. I really enjoyed how the information looks on a wiki as well. I would use this as a informational site for the students. They can get videos and links very easily to study and it does not take very long to find. Also, it is pretty difficult to post pictures on these pages.

This wiki has a list of articles that describe how to use wikis in education, a list of educational wikis that you can learn form, and a general discussion of Wikis in education.
This is a page that has several Wikis in different subjects. All of the wikis show different ways they can be used in the classroom.

Brittany Cox:
1. I could use a web page for my future teaching by using my classroom website. I liked the class website because I felt like it has a lot more to offer for students and parents than the blog did. It had many different resources that would be assessable to parents and students, anything from teachers contact information to student of the week, to class calendars can be provided in one spot. I think that it would be a great tool for parents and students to all refer to when they had questions about up coming events, due dates, and class announcements. I found that it was easy to edit and change when you wanted to so as a teacher I could keep it up to date to help everyone that would be looking at it.
2. I think that I could use a blog in my future teaching by using it in a less formal way than I would the class website. I would use the blog more to show what the students have been accomplishing in class, different activities that they have done, and pictures of them in the classroom. I think that by using a blog this way it would help parents to know more of what is going on in the classroom. They would be able to see what their child is accomplishing while at school. I also think that the students would enjoy seeing pictures of themselves on the class blog.
3. I think a way that I could use a wiki in my future classroom is to use it as a way to provide discussion between parents and teacher. Often times more than one parent will have a question that they would like to ask the teacher. By having a wiki page teacher and parents can read other questions and get answers to their questions that way or participate in the discussion.
Here are the links to the wiki pages I found. (This wiki page was a 2nd grade classroom and they posted what they had been doing in the classroom. I thought this might be a good way to get ideas and see what other 2nd graders are doing.) (this is a wiki page that has a lot of resources for teachers. It has lesson plans, resources, and worksheets for teachers to use.)

Rochelle Jenkins:
1. How could you use a Web Page (i.e., Google Sites) in your future teaching assignment?
The web page could come in handy in any classroom as long as the teacher keeps it updated and puts relevant stuff to the classroom. The web pages can look much more professional than a blog. Also a great part of the web page you can post in such an organized way that students can easier find assignments, contact info, or even keep up with up coming activities in the classroom. Teachers can make their webpage contain links that have safe games for children to play. The webpage is normally pretty user friendly which I am all about that. I think a class website could be very useful to my students.
2. How could you use a Blog in your future teaching assignment?
The blog was something I felt was a little trickier to use for academic purposes. The blog can be used for teachers more than students. On the blog you cannot post assignments but you can post information. Parents can keep up with activities in the classroom or as I teacher I can post useful information that perhaps other teachers would find useful in their own classroom. Overall blogs are not as useful in the classroom as a website in my opinion.
3. How could you use a Wiki in your future teaching assignment?
A wiki in my opinion could be useful for a teacher and her classroom if you wanted to just keep a few things for children to access such as stories or calendars. If you wanted students to post when they wanted to present for a presentation they could jump on your class wiki and they could edit when they wanted to present. There are tons of way students can use the Wiki to collaborate inside and outside the classroom.
This Wiki shows how different technologies can be used in the classroom.
This Wiki was neat because it based around the book Holes that students read in the 5th or 6th grade. It may be a neat to have students visit the page for some extra things on the book.

Riley Fraser
1. How could you use a Web Page (i.e., Google Sites) in your future teaching assignment?
Using a google sites in teaching is a dynamic tool that allows teachers to display everything their students are learning in an organized format. When used effectively google sites are an appendage to the classroom which gives parents the opportunity to be as involved as they want to be.

2. How could you use a blog in your future teaching assignment?
Like many have stated in their posts, a blog seems like an effective tool to post social events, or have a weekly newsletter. It could also be a nice way to post pictures or have an online yearbook of sorts. I look forward to having a blog to create a classroom community that is fun, connected, and user friendly.

3. How could you use a wiki in your future teaching assignment?
Wikis seem like an engaging and collaborative way for classmates to work together. I would enjoy using them as a forum for students to interact with each other outside of the classroom. Often times school is more of a structured environment where students do not feel comfortable interacting with their peers. For students who have social anxiety, or view writing as a constructive outlet, this would be a wonderful way to engage them in groups.

This Wiki is full of different educational sites and resources that show the importance of technology in the classroom.

This Wiki provides information and a walkthrough of how to use a wiki successfully.

Brittany Godfrey:
1. Out of the different assignments that have been given, the most beneficial to me has been the Google Sites. I feel that the Google Sites would be an excellent way to update parents and students on what is going to be expected of a unit or chapter. You are also able to update homework assignments as well as post links on that could be of an added benefit to the families.

2. I believe that a Blog could be used similarly as Google Site as you can post information and link items. However I see Blogs being a little more personal in ways of connecting families to the community instead of just academic work. I directed a musical and used a Blog to keep parents up to date on practices their child needed to participate in as well as props or costume we were in need of. We also posted pictures with parents permission of how the musical is coming along.

3. Using a Wiki would be most beneficial in terms of communication such as student to student, student to teacher, or parent to teacher. Parents would be able to communicate one with another about volunteering in the classroom and who can do what as well as students colborating with other students on a project.

Shaunie Owen
1. How could you use a Web Page (i.e., Google Sites) in your future teaching assignment?
My favorite thing about he google site, which I might use in my classroom in the future, was the option to embed a google calendar right into the sign. I think that it is great tool to use to keep parents informed and also the students. There were many great feature that were available in google sites and I will probably explore it more when I become a teacher.

2. How could you use a Blog in your future teaching assignment?
I really like the idea of using a classroom blog. I had to put together a blog for an art class that I took last spring and we were able to choose our blog site. I ended up using wordpress and after years of using blogger I think I became a wordpress fan. I think a blog is a great place to keep parents informed on what is happening in the classroom and it is also a great place to post student work so that parents can view it.

3. How could you use a Wiki in your future teaching assignment?
I think a Wiki would be a great way to communicate with parents, students and other teacher even. I would probably create a separate wiki for each one, but this allows us to easily communicate and share ideas. If I teach the upper grades, I could also use Wiki as a collaboration site similar to google docs.

Sheena Chipman
1.How could you use a Web Page (i.e., Google Sites) in your future teaching assignment?
I think that the Google Sites Web Page we researched looks very promising. I think this is the one I would be most likely to use as a teacher. I like being able to have links and information on the website. I also like that you can have subpages and a navigation bar on the side. I think it would be a good way to just put relevant classroom information in an easily accessible place for your students.
2. How could you use a blog in your future teaching assignment?
I think the Blog is also useful. As a teacher, I think this would be of most benefit to showcase students’ work. It seems that this is more of an after-the-fact thing than both Web Pages and Wiki Sites. I think this would be great to use, especially for younger grades, to show different things that they have accomplished/done in my classroom.
3. How could you use a wiki in your future teaching assignment?
I also really like the Wiki Page. I think it is important and useful to be able to teach collaboration as a teacher. I saw some examples in my search of educational wikis that I really liked. I saw different class discussions about what they had learned through the semester, or about a book. I think it would be very beneficial so everyone can contribute and see their classmates’ thoughts.

Trevor Brown
1. I think I am going to have a web page in my teaching assignment because then I have one place for all of my classes to go to for all the information for my classes. It gives others a place to go in case they missed class or if they didn’t understand what was going on. I will have all my notes and what we learned. I will include the assignments and a course outline so students can keep up with the work and assignments going on. I think it will help me stay on top of my teaching by letting the students have a place that they can go to when they have questions.

2. Using a blog seems a little trickier for me to use. I think I could use a blog to let students know what we did recently each day and to help them stay caught up. I could also post assignments coming due to give students reminders about what we are talking about. I could also use them to let the students know what we are doing the next class period and remind them of things they need to prepare for in order for the class to be successful.

3. I feel like I could use a wiki for research projects or something like that. Being in Technology Education, I might teach a different number of courses from engineering design to manufacturing technology to animation to computer programming to robotics, so I could use wikis to help me out by letting students figure out some of the content through research and posting on the wiki to enhance everyone’s learning, including my own. It will harbor a learning environment for all and help students know that we are all learners and that we can learn many things from others.

Crystal Croft
1: I love giving parents the access to what is happening in the classroom at all times. I feel having a class website will aid in when students are gone, redoing missed work, and keeping parents up to date on class work when their student does not give clear answers about what is going on in school.
2: I find that a blog would work as well as a website, but is more informal. I feel the blog would create a safer place to post pictures of the student activities and progress in different subjects.
3: I would probably use a Wiki in the classroom more for teacher collaboration. I do believe the parents need to be aware of what the teachers are considering and the thought process that takes place when preparing a lesson plan, plus resources that are available for use. This site gives examples of how different teachers are utilizing Web 2.0 A Wiki that is teaching students to become more effective writers. A general collaboration page of a group of teachers.

Rachel Jensen

1. How could you use a Web Page (i.e., Google Sites) in your future teaching assignment?
I think a webpage is a great way to keep parents up to date with what is going on in their child’s classroom. It is easy to post upcoming assignment due dates and links to resources to help them complete those assignments. You can also post the curriculum on the website so parents know what things their child will be learning that year. You can post contact information so parents can contact you easily if they have questions and it just shows that you want to have an open classroom with parent involvement all year long.

2. How could you use a Blog in your future teaching assignment?
A blog is a great way to post and reflect on all the fun activities you have done in your class. It is a simple way to distribute pictures of students to their parents. Instead of printing things off, teachers can post to their blog and parents can easily access what they want. It is also a great way to reflect on the effectiveness of your teaching and share your ideas with other teachers.

3. How could you use a Wiki in your future teaching assignment?
A Wiki could be a fun way to do a class project in the upper grades. You could set up a research question for the whole class and divide the class into groups to research different parts of the problem. They can all add what they learned, and in the end everyone will have access to all the information that was found on that particular topic.
This Wiki is a great, collaborative source of age appropriate non-fiction books for elementary school age children.
This Wiki is a great source of the many different ways to teach math concepts, specifically for the 7th grade curriculum.

Rachel Rose
1. I think using Google Sites in the classroom can be very beneficial. I personally think a teacher website would help parents keep up with what is going on in the classroom and what they can be working on at home to help their student succeed. I absolutely love the idea of a teacher webpage and will definitely do one when I start teaching.

2. A blog would also be great because parents would be able to leave feedback. They could give suggestions, or sign up for days to help. A blog is more of an interaction between you and parents and there can be some form of communication on the blog that could benefit you and your classroom.

3. A wiki would then take that one step further because parents could go in and make editing posts and remarks to things you have posted as the teacher. Maybe you want lots of parent participation, maybe you don't want that much. Then a website would be a better fit. I personally don't think I would use a wiki that much, only because I wouldn't want parents totally controlling the atmosphere of my classroom. I feel like a website or a blog that is more informative would be more my style.

Here are some great links to wikis that could be beneficial in the classroom. this has an assorted different garden activities geared towards elementary kids, getting them more hands on. this link offers lesson plans for differentiation in the classroom for mathematics.

Andrew Foster posted 05 November 2015 @ 0952.

1) I don’t know how I would get along without a web page for my future classroom. For me the most valuable feature of a website is that it allows me a simple and convenient way to keep parents informed about what we are doing and when we are doing it. I cannot think of a more efficient way to communicate with parents. Obviously not everyone has Internet access, and I will keep that into consideration.

2) I think a blog is great for a more casual observer. It enables the teacher to post pictures and document activities in the classroom. I think if done right, a blog is a little more intimate and may be more valuable to some parents.

3) Wikis are very similar to Google docs in that they allow for real time collaboration. It also gives students and parents a place to share their ideas. Given that I have committed to become more of a constructivist educator, I think having a wiki page is a necessary component toward achieving that goal.

This gives an extensive list of resources focused on how to use wikis in education.

This explains the use and history of wikis in education as well as detailed instructions and ideas on how to use them.

Kristina Widerburg
1. I believe that the most efficient way to get information out to parents and students is through a webpage. It is professional and allows many different ways of distributing that information. Specifically, I would want to make it a place where parents and students can access homework and other class assignments. Often when students miss a day in class catching up can be rather difficult because of the difficulty getting all the worksheets/projects/instructions they may have missed. Having assignments up on the website for students and teachers to access from home is a simple way for parents and students to access that information. This would not only make my job easier, but also let parents know what their students are learning in the classroom.

2. Blogs are also a fabulous way to let parents know what is going on in the classroom. You can easily display art work, class projects, photos that parents could readily gain access to. Most parents love to know what their students are doing in class, and blogs are very simple to navigate. Blogs also allow areas for parents to give feedback on the displayed information. I also think that blogs could be a great way to share your original lesson plans with other teachers. Blogs give other teachers easy access (based on privacy settings), which could benefit the whole education community. Although blogs and webpages share similarities, I think they are both have different advantages.

3. Wikis are the most unique of the three tools presented here, which makes them a great asset to the classroom. I would personally want to use them with my students rather than parents. Society is almost demanding that children become literate in regards to technology. A great way to help your students become familiar with technology and the different ways it can be used is to have them participate in a Wiki. Students could build upon their collaboration skills and contribute information in an environment that does not require verbal contributions. This may help students who are less comfortable sharing in class share information through the Wiki. Wikis can be used for whole class projects, group projects, discussions, brainstorming, and a multitude of other collaborative activities.

This wiki is a great educational source for the community that shares library collections, student work, lesson plans and other web resources:

This wiki is a resource for anyone who is learning English, specifically for students with English as a Foreign Language:

Jake Taylor Posted 11/05/15
1) I would use websites in my classroom as a tool for students to be self sufficient. On that website i would post all the assignments that they would need. If students were ever absent on lost instructions to an assignment, they would go to my website to find those things. A classroom website can also be used for supplementary tools. Videos, readings and extra learning material can also be posted so students can expand on their education if the so choose.
2) I believe that blogs are excellent out reach tools. In the past the classroom news letter was sent home with the students in order to keep parents informed as well as asking for help. Today a blog can take that place. A blog can help teachers keep the parents at home much more informed. Blogs can be updated daily with little effort. Blogs can help make the connection between the classroom and home stronger.
3) In my classroom i think that i would use wikis as assignments. A class can edit wiki pages together, making assignments more collaborative. In a history classroom especially, wikis make research and the sharing of ideas between an entire class much easier. In today's world and classroom, collaboration is a much more important skill than it has been in the past.

This is a great wiki source where a teacher can find many different wikis and share ideas.

This wiki is a way to spread ideas between others on the crazes that have caught their classrooms, like fashion, games, activities, songs, etc

1. I think that Web Pages are very effective tools for teachers. I think that they can be of the most help to get parents involved in the classroom. By using web pages, I will be able to tell not only my students, but also their parents, what we are doing in the class, what projects/activities the students will be doing, and what events are happening. A lot of parents can't come into the classroom to see how their child is doing, or even see what their child is learning, by having a class web page, all of my students' parents will be able to become an active participant in their child's learning. I can also post helpful links for students to use if they need homework help and I can put up additional worksheets if they need extra practice. I think that class web pages are great and they are really user friendly!
2. Blogs are great for teachers because teachers can use them as platforms for student success. As a future teacher, I could have a blog all about the best types of books for students to read, why the book is helpful, and a synopsis of the book. I think that blogs are really effective when they are content specific or classroom specific. If a teacher can use his or her blog to help students get involved or interested in reading, then that is amazing! Teachers can also direct students to look at the blog when the students go home. By doing this, the teacher doesn't have to take time out of his or her lesson to show the students the blog. The blogs can be considered an additional resource for student success!
3. Wikis are great for students in upper elementary school grades. I think that I would use Wikis if I taught 4th, 5th, or 6th grade. Having a class Wiki allows all students to participate and show their knowledge without necessarily having to speak in front of the class. It also gives the teacher time to focus on different lessons or different elements of a specific lesson. For example: if I had a class Wiki on space and the elements of space, and each child was assigned something that was related to space, then each child would be responsible for researching and teaching the class about that subject. One student might be given the topic of the Milky Way. He would then have to research what the Milky Way is, where it is at, and tell us something interesting about it. All of the students could then read about the Milky Way.
This is a great wiki because it give teachers great ideas on how to even start using wikis in the classroom and what they look like.
This wiki a great resource for teachers. It gives them a lot of resources that they can use to better then classroom using Web 2.0.!!!
This wiki is a real life example of a wiki being used by teacher. This wiki gives a synopsis of the day, provides handouts, and gives a course outline.

Bethani Talbot
1. Google sites is something that any educators can find very beneficial for their classroom. Good sites helps you make a website so that anyone can come and look at what is happening in the classroom. If you have children's parents or families that want to know what is happening in the classroom and you have a google sites they can easily go and look and know what is happening. It will hopefully eliminate confusion.
2. A blog would be cool to have because it will be more of like your perception on the classroom and your reasoning behind why you are doing what you and what material you are teaching. It will still allow the parents to be more involved in the classroom but it will be a little different than the websites because it won't have as many like home pages and sub links. I think that blogs are more writing and websites are more like quick information.
3. A wiki would be really cool in the classroom because you could make a class wiki and have the students write down what they learned. This would be a cool way to see how the students put input and share it with the other students. This would also be a really cool way to get the students opinion and votes on something. Say you were trying to decide an activity for the children you could post a little description on the wiki and she what the children would prefer.

Katelyn Anderson

1. I thought Google Sites would be great tool to use for groups or team essays or research work. It’s a forum anyone in the group could access if they have internet and work on it anywhere. For group research or essay I this forum would be better than a wiki because it’s a little more private so only shared with the group.

2. I liked the use of blogs as an online journal forum. Keeping a writing journal in an online forum will not only help the students practice writing in a way that’s engaging to them but also teach them computer/typing skills. Blogs would also be a good tool for instructional essays or how to do assignments. For example I had a teacher in high school that had us make videos of how to do something we had learned and believed if we could teach it we understood the subject. We always made films for these projects but a blog could be used as well.

3. Wikis would be a great tool for whole classroom participation. Some of the wikis I read suggested using peer review or a class newspaper with wiki. I really like the newspaper idea because it doesn’t just incorporate research and writing skills but also learning computer skills and is a fun activity that would be engaging for the whole class to work on. Putting class news from the students on a wiki class newspaper would be fun to show at parent teacher conferences as well for them to see visually what is happening inside the classroom.

Educational Wiki Page Links.

I liked this wiki page because it didn’t only tell the great use a wiki page could do inside a classroom but gave links to actual wiki pages of assignmentsteacher gave using wiki from k-12.

This wiki gave a more expansive definition on what wiki is and how to use one in classrooms. I also liked this wiki page because it not only gave some helpful hints of ideas you could do using wiki but why it was important to integrate wiki into a school curriculum.

This was another wiki that gave ideas and strategies to incorporate wiki into projects but it also went on to tell how teachers and staff could use wikis and also benefit form them.

Paul Daneker (A01960202)

1) As there are so many options when it comes to implementing and using websites into the classroom, it is rather difficult for me to concise here. First, having a class website can be a fantastic means of providing students with a classroom outside of the regular school day.What I mean by this is that students and parents can refer to the website for things like announcements and homework.

2) I feel that blogs can be utilized as a means of composing thought out essays/articles/et cetera. Students can be given an assigned topic that they can somewhat run with. These can allow students to demonstrate various skills like research and analytical thinking as composing essays within such a medium provides time to explore such skills.

3) Much like what we are doing ourselves, I feel that wikis are an excellent way for students to provide their own insights into class discussions as they can be very deliberate with what they write. I also think that these provide students some degree of insight into the concept of respectful online etiquette and safety because classroom discussions can bring up different inputs from different students and show them that what they posted is observable to all sorts of people.

Educational Wikis
The URL below refers to an online wiki that provides articles and discussions on various facets of education, however, the the primary topic is technology.

The URL below refers to an online wiki that is all about literacy and looks similar to an online library

Brady Allen

1. The google site is a great way for a teacher to post assignments and have a static page where not much changes. The website can serve an outline to your class. students can see what is expected of them and maybe even future assignments. It will be a great location for parents to stay up to date on what is expected of their children.

2. Blogs are a great way for classes to share ideas and thoughts for the class even when they aren't in class. The teacher can share on a blog what happened in class that day so that students who aren't able to be in class for whatever reason can stay caught up. That helps them the next day when they return. It can also be a great resource for collaboration and development for groups when they can't all be in the same room.

3. Wikis are a great way to collaborate everywhere. I really liked the last wiki I found where teachers can collaborate together to become better educators by learning from the success and failures of there professional educators. This can help advance your own teaching as you learn from others.

Educational Wikis
This wiki is about having global classrooms where people from all over can share ideas and collaborate together.

This wiki is about "Teachmeets". It is place where educators can collaborate and really share their experiences as well as everything else that they need. They can talk and share ideas. They can even schedule conferences and get together as educators to have a more in depth discussion on what it means to be an educator.

Makenzie Thompson

1. I would use a Web Page as my class information page like we created for our assignment. I love the idea of being able to post assignments for students if they're absent, study helps, class info, as well as links to other sites

2. A blog would be a fun way to post pictures of different class activities we've done, as well as FCCLA documentation and pictures.

3. I could use a wiki to collaborate with other teachers, but I also really love the idea of students being able to collaborate together, answering questions they may have and doing group projects.

Educational Wikis: demonstrates how a teacher could post different class vocabulary to help students gain better understanding of different topics. is a great example of a teacher collaborative wiki.

Jessica Wanlass
  1. I could use a Web Page to give students easy access to assignments, handouts, and a class calendar. I could also use it to post announcements and extra credit opportunities for students as the school year progressed.
  2. I could use a Blog in my classroom to record new teaching activities and recognize student accomplishment for their peers and classmates to see. Granted I will need to get the approval and permission of both the students and their guardians beforehand.
  3. I could use a Wiki as a discussion board or as a collaboration board for student projects or assignments.
Wiki Links:
Basically a list of educational wikis.
This wiki has information for a project assignment on climate change as well as information posted by each team.
This wiki has information on multiple colleges for students.

1- I like the idea of using a class website in my future teaching. I think it would be very beneficial to have a schedule or a calendar for both parents and students to have an idea of what is going to be covered. That way if they are absent, or have missing assignments, they will have a good idea of what needs to be done. Having links to extra resources to reinforce topics and main ideas that can be covered in class would be helpful for students who maybe don’t quite understand.
2- A blog is great for many reasons. I think that a blog allows students to express themselves without the pressure of being influenced from their peers. I think a blog is also a wonderful way to allow students to add some of their creativity to an assignment that still relates to the specific content that we are covering.
3- I think that since I teach Science I will be doing group work on labs and other activities often. Being able to communicate with each other and collaborate about their assignment. Being able to see what others are finding in their research would be very helpful. I also think that it would be a great way to have students have a place to review previous comments and ideas that others share.
This wiki is for an entire school that will allow them to be aware of upcoming events for the entire student body, it also has links that will allow students to get more specific information regarding their individual grade levels and classes.
This is a class wiki that involves an 8th grade World History class. all information is given including calendar, schedule, and resources pertaining to the class.
To promote and share how creativity is being taught in schools

Sami Hercules

1. How could you use a Web Page (i.e., Google Sites) in your future teaching assignment?
I could use a Web Page in my future teaching assignments by having my class have its own page off of the school's website. I think that it will be so helpful because I can use the same website from year to year, and also be able to be as accessible to the parents and to my students as possible. It will also be very helpful for me to be able to have a place to put up student work and instructions, while being able to keep them in separate organized files.

2. How could you use a Blog in your future teaching assignment?
I could use a Blog in my future teaching assignment by setting up a different blog for every year that I teach. This way makes it so that I could connect more with other teachers, and especially with my students' parents. It will be a place to publish my ideas for my class and my classroom, and find links to other helpful blogs that teachers have! I would easily be able to make more blogs so that each class could have their own. It also opens it up so that I can control who views my class's work.

3. How could you use a Wiki in your future teaching assignment?
I could use a Wiki in my future teaching assignment for class collaboration and group work especially. It is very user friendly for my students, and it will make it so that they will be able to have access and a say as to what is going on, unlike it would be in a Blog or a Web Page.

Here are three interesting wikis that I have found that are really cool and educational:
    • I think that this was so cool because it is created for students studying English as a Second Language, and that is the type of school that the High School I went to was. It is also the type of school that I would like to one day teach in.
    • This Wiki is a place for Dutch Art Education, and I find that so cool! I would use it to show my students that Art is a global amazing thing, and to maybe connect with a different part of the world!
    • This Wiki is for teachers to learn and share their experiences with different languages, and teaching in different languages, and I think it is awesome! This is what I want to do, and it is such an amazing resource.

This Wiki is full of different educational sites and resources that show the importance of technology in the classroom. (Links to an external site.)
This Wiki provides information and a walkthrough of how to use a wiki successfully.